Meet Carol Greenaway, the Woman Responsible for Saving Vancouver Startups

I guess the title speaks for itself.  In this instance, we want to recognize the hard labor and contribution of Carol Greenway, a dedicated and extraordinary business coach that has been performing miracles on many Vancouver startups.

Carol has achieved this through strategies that meet the particular needs of every company.  She takes in every business she works with to herself and finds ways in which needs can be met.  This is a fantastic option for startups in Vancouver since many of them have been struggling lately.

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In this technology-driven society, businesses have to take a little extra mile to stay afloat.  Carol’s coaching services are in point and up-to-date.  Her way of dealing with businesses is simply classy and effective.  Let´s see how she does it.

Free Coaching

We acknowledge her dedication in that she offers free services for those who need it.  By subscribing to her newsletter,  you get updates on what is working and what is not in the business world.  This is a great opportunity for startups because, even though the information is applicable to general terms, it is still invaluable for businesses that are getting started.

The information you get is based on Carol’s experience on other businesses like yours.  You can still get rich information about your own endeavors.

Group Work

Very few things are as effective as group work and peer coaching.  These groups pass on a kindred spirit that you need to stay up with your business.  Because sometimes you just know that maybe a one-to-one is not necessarily what you need.

These Master Mind Groups have helped countless businesses in Vancouver come up with their own effective strategy to finally get some positive revenue.

Providing a Clearer Idea

One of the most common issues of startups is to get a clearer idea of what they need or want.  What is the target?  What is my offer?  How do I adapt my offer to meet potential customer needs?  How do I find out what those needs are?

This is one important aspect of Carol’s coaching.  After examining what a business intent is, she puts all parts together into a heavily organized structure that helps give a clearer perspective of the business.  Booking one call with her is all it takes to start aiming your business in the proper direction.

The Advantages She Offers

When you have such a qualified and experienced business woman on your side, you can only think of the size of your success.  Companies who have hired her as a business coach, mention the following benefits:

  • Conversational skills
  • High experience
  • Effective connections
  • Real-time solutions
  • Well-structured strategies

The Feedback

Startup companies in Vancouver have seen the differences that Carol´s coaching has brought to their businesses.  She has helped them take concrete steps into what must the mission and vision of their company should be.

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