East Vancouver is a Changing Community

People from East Vancouver is known for being hard working class. Demographically, it is the most populated zone of British Columbia, with more than 300 thousand people. The community is densely conformed by immigrants, mostly Chinese and Indian.

Nevertheless, East Van it is regularly attracting young professional and families from different countries to settle, turning it into a culturally rich community, constantly improving and evolving.

Colorful neighborhoods for all tastes

Commercial Drive: “The Drive” is one of the most vivid neighborhood in the district! The zone in filled with shops, restaurants, nightlife and even its own park with lake. This neighborhood has an important Italian influence in boutiques and restaurants. When you stick around in The Drive you will find down-to-earth locals, mostly young people. You can also find handmade craft clothes and accessories in any of the more than 22 blocks.

South Main or Mount Pleasant: Mount Pleasant, along with East Vancouver is changing. For many years, this used to be consider a blighted area or a bad neighborhood. However, with the late wave of bohemian community taking over the place, new independent galleries, shops and boutiques have been opened. You can spend your day having a picnic in the park, or well taking a hand-made coffee in any of its multiples hipster shop.

Killarney: If you are interested in a family neighborhood, somewhere quite to live, Killarney has improved its parks along to the Fraser River. This area used to be a forest and farms until the Second World War. Therefore, it’s a relatively young neighborhood which offers a break from the urban life.

South Vancouver: This neighborhood is one of the most diverse of the region, its population is made by nearly 60% immigrants. Here, you can find the famous China Town with its well-known Punjabi Market, the center of Vancouver Indio-Canadian community. Around the market you can find fresh Indian condiments and different kind of Asian buffets (e.g. typical Indian or vegetarian). Without any doubts, with its streets filled with spices, Punjabi Market it’s the Indian air freshener of Vancouver.

Inside of South Vancouver you can find a Community Centre with various facilities for individual or community entertainment and learning. Recently, the region has provided with money to invest and modernize the Sunset Park with playgrounds and basketball facilities.

As you can see, this zone of Vancouver has been recently subjected to positive changes, people with strong sense of belonging has settled and transformed gloomy buildings and streets into vintage styled shop, boutiques and affordable restaurants. East Vancouver is emerging along with its community!

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