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Cool Places to Go In East Vancouver

So finally you are ready to visit the City of Dreams, ‘The East Vancouver’!
Congratulations! However, do you have your must visit places list ready?

No? Fret Not!

Here, in this article, we present the cool places to go in East Vancouver.

1. Commercial Drive

Anytime you hit the vacation button, shopping has to be on your must to-do list.  Isn’t it?  And when you are in ‘Commercial Drive,’ the most popular shopping part of Grandview-Woodland; trust us you will be bitten by the shopping bug.

Commercial drive is known for its diverse culture and is a home to beautifully designed shops. Popularly known as ‘The Drive’ among locals, you will find trendiest shops to amazing cafes.

Pack your bags and head to the commercial drive before your vacations race towards the end.

2. Hastings-Sunrise

Love to have a tinge of history planned in your vacation?  Do not forget to head to the breezy stings. Further, Hastings is known for being the most visited ‘Resort Destination’ amongst vacationers.  It is also home for the famous ‘Hastings Park Racetrack.’  Nevertheless, this makes it to our must visit places in Vancouver list.

3. Granville Island

Love to be entertained? Head to the Granville Island.  A home to the eye-pleasing Emily Carr University of Art and Design. The island features among the list of best places that needs prior attention among enthusiastic vacationers.  Below are the things you will find in Granville Island Extensive Marina’s, Large Public Markets, Amazing Boutique Hotels, Arts Theatre.  Are you ready to explore the Granville Island?  Have a look at everything it has to offer.

4. Mount Pleasant

True to its name, the area is a must-visit place for the newbie vacationers hitting the Vancouver coast.  Do you know Mount Pleasant is also known as the land to a large number of writers and artists?  Also a home to many breweries, Mount Pleasant promises never to leave you thirsty. And trust us, once you visit this place you will keep coming back for more.

5. Renfrew-Collingwood

Love to have a breezy walk with your loved ones?  Yes! Head to Renfrew-Collingwood without second thoughts. The Collingwood area features the exotic Renfrew Ravine Park that offers beautiful footbridges to the stunning walking trails.  From walking tracks to featured playgrounds, it offers the best family time one can ever imagine.

6. Sunset

Looking for a mix of different cultures?  Head to the exotic locale, ‘The Sunset.’The Sunset is a home to the famous Punjabi Market in the Eastern Vancouver. The place is known for its ethnicity and commerce. The place has gained greater prominence among Canadian folks heading to Sunset for their Wedding requirements.  A place that signifies the harmony between people of different cultures.Nevertheless, it features among must visit place.

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