Holiday Events in Vancouver 2017

As the year comes to an end and the holidays are upon us, we would like to go through all the festivities taking place in Vancouver this end of the year 2017.  The activities celebrate all the traditions and festivities proper of such a multicultural place as Vancouver is.

The year has been overall great for Vancouver.  We did not start off well with the unusually cold winter in the first months.  Ok, we had some weak spots and bright ones.  But as the end comes near, we as a family take some time to take part of the many celebrations taking place in the city.

Take note and plan to attend these amenities, if you have not already.

Christmas Events

T’is the season of love, sharing, happiness, joy, and celebration.  The city has had and continues to have great celebrations for the month.  Check out these.

Grouse Mountain

The Park is the Peak of Christmas.  Bring your family to the park and experience the magic of the holidays at Vancouver’s North Pole.  There are many activities that can be done there, including skating at the top of the mountain, meeting reindeer (they are not reported to have the ability to fly, though), and watch holiday movies in a big screen.

Christmas at Deer Lake

Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park is a wonderful place to walk on.  Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village is the place to be to get a touch of the Christmas spirit.   The best time to come over to the park, which is free for the holidays, is in the afternoon and a bit past evening to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights.

Christmas Concerts

They are everywhere and every day.  These include churches, schools, and local community choirs.  You can enjoy concerts from the following groups:

  • Chor Leoni
  • Vancouver Bach Choir
  • Vancouver Chamber Choir
  • North Shore Celtic Ensemble
  • Vancouver Welshmen’s Choir
  • Vancouver Bach Choir

There are also other places to enjoy live music that include the Vancouver Christmas Market at several times and days and the Dundarave Festival of Lights on Saturdays at West Vancouver.

Hannukah Events

Our Jewish community also gathers to enjoy the celebrations of their own heritage.  The month has already been packed with events celebrating Chanukah, the Jewish Independence, the Axis Hannuka Party.

Some of the events for Hannukah in Vancouver and others were:

  • Chanukah Celebration at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  This was on Dec. 12, 2017, the first night of Chanukah.  The art gallery was open to the public from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  This celebration featured Canada’s tallest candelabra, the Silber Family Agam Menorah.
  • That same day the Vodka Latke Chanukah Party involved the lighting up of the night with a menorah.
  • Axis Hanukkah Party.  This took place on Dec. 14 from 8 pm to 1:00 am the next day.  As usual, it was a great party where nobody held back.
  • Dec. 16 saw the Israeli artist Assaf Amdursky in concert from 8 to 10 pm.   Assaf is considered a very important artist in Israel.  He has released seven solo albums since the early 90s.



Meet Carol Greenaway, the Woman Responsible for Saving Vancouver Startups

I guess the title speaks for itself.  In this instance, we want to recognize the hard labor and contribution of Carol Greenway, a dedicated and extraordinary business coach that has been performing miracles on many Vancouver startups.

Carol has achieved this through strategies that meet the particular needs of every company.  She takes in every business she works with to herself and finds ways in which needs can be met.  This is a fantastic option for startups in Vancouver since many of them have been struggling lately.

Image result for startups

In this technology-driven society, businesses have to take a little extra mile to stay afloat.  Carol’s coaching services are in point and up-to-date.  Her way of dealing with businesses is simply classy and effective.  Let´s see how she does it.

Free Coaching

We acknowledge her dedication in that she offers free services for those who need it.  By subscribing to her newsletter,  you get updates on what is working and what is not in the business world.  This is a great opportunity for startups because, even though the information is applicable to general terms, it is still invaluable for businesses that are getting started.

The information you get is based on Carol’s experience on other businesses like yours.  You can still get rich information about your own endeavors.

Group Work

Very few things are as effective as group work and peer coaching.  These groups pass on a kindred spirit that you need to stay up with your business.  Because sometimes you just know that maybe a one-to-one is not necessarily what you need.

These Master Mind Groups have helped countless businesses in Vancouver come up with their own effective strategy to finally get some positive revenue.

Providing a Clearer Idea

One of the most common issues of startups is to get a clearer idea of what they need or want.  What is the target?  What is my offer?  How do I adapt my offer to meet potential customer needs?  How do I find out what those needs are?

This is one important aspect of Carol’s coaching.  After examining what a business intent is, she puts all parts together into a heavily organized structure that helps give a clearer perspective of the business.  Booking one call with her is all it takes to start aiming your business in the proper direction.

The Advantages She Offers

When you have such a qualified and experienced business woman on your side, you can only think of the size of your success.  Companies who have hired her as a business coach, mention the following benefits:

  • Conversational skills
  • High experience
  • Effective connections
  • Real-time solutions
  • Well-structured strategies

The Feedback

Startup companies in Vancouver have seen the differences that Carol´s coaching has brought to their businesses.  She has helped them take concrete steps into what must the mission and vision of their company should be.

Things to Do

Cool Places to Go In East Vancouver

So finally you are ready to visit the City of Dreams, ‘The East Vancouver’!
Congratulations! However, do you have your must visit places list ready?

No? Fret Not!

Here, in this article, we present the cool places to go in East Vancouver.

1. Commercial Drive

Anytime you hit the vacation button, shopping has to be on your must to-do list.  Isn’t it?  And when you are in ‘Commercial Drive,’ the most popular shopping part of Grandview-Woodland; trust us you will be bitten by the shopping bug.

Commercial drive is known for its diverse culture and is a home to beautifully designed shops. Popularly known as ‘The Drive’ among locals, you will find trendiest shops to amazing cafes.

Pack your bags and head to the commercial drive before your vacations race towards the end.

2. Hastings-Sunrise

Love to have a tinge of history planned in your vacation?  Do not forget to head to the breezy stings. Further, Hastings is known for being the most visited ‘Resort Destination’ amongst vacationers.  It is also home for the famous ‘Hastings Park Racetrack.’  Nevertheless, this makes it to our must visit places in Vancouver list.

3. Granville Island

Love to be entertained? Head to the Granville Island.  A home to the eye-pleasing Emily Carr University of Art and Design. The island features among the list of best places that needs prior attention among enthusiastic vacationers.  Below are the things you will find in Granville Island Extensive Marina’s, Large Public Markets, Amazing Boutique Hotels, Arts Theatre.  Are you ready to explore the Granville Island?  Have a look at everything it has to offer.

4. Mount Pleasant

True to its name, the area is a must-visit place for the newbie vacationers hitting the Vancouver coast.  Do you know Mount Pleasant is also known as the land to a large number of writers and artists?  Also a home to many breweries, Mount Pleasant promises never to leave you thirsty. And trust us, once you visit this place you will keep coming back for more.

5. Renfrew-Collingwood

Love to have a breezy walk with your loved ones?  Yes! Head to Renfrew-Collingwood without second thoughts. The Collingwood area features the exotic Renfrew Ravine Park that offers beautiful footbridges to the stunning walking trails.  From walking tracks to featured playgrounds, it offers the best family time one can ever imagine.

6. Sunset

Looking for a mix of different cultures?  Head to the exotic locale, ‘The Sunset.’The Sunset is a home to the famous Punjabi Market in the Eastern Vancouver. The place is known for its ethnicity and commerce. The place has gained greater prominence among Canadian folks heading to Sunset for their Wedding requirements.  A place that signifies the harmony between people of different cultures.Nevertheless, it features among must visit place.


East Vancouver is a Changing Community

People from East Vancouver is known for being hard working class. Demographically, it is the most populated zone of British Columbia, with more than 300 thousand people. The community is densely conformed by immigrants, mostly Chinese and Indian.

Nevertheless, East Van it is regularly attracting young professional and families from different countries to settle, turning it into a culturally rich community, constantly improving and evolving.

Colorful neighborhoods for all tastes

Commercial Drive: “The Drive” is one of the most vivid neighborhood in the district! The zone in filled with shops, restaurants, nightlife and even its own park with lake. This neighborhood has an important Italian influence in boutiques and restaurants. When you stick around in The Drive you will find down-to-earth locals, mostly young people. You can also find handmade craft clothes and accessories in any of the more than 22 blocks.

South Main or Mount Pleasant: Mount Pleasant, along with East Vancouver is changing. For many years, this used to be consider a blighted area or a bad neighborhood. However, with the late wave of bohemian community taking over the place, new independent galleries, shops and boutiques have been opened. You can spend your day having a picnic in the park, or well taking a hand-made coffee in any of its multiples hipster shop.

Killarney: If you are interested in a family neighborhood, somewhere quite to live, Killarney has improved its parks along to the Fraser River. This area used to be a forest and farms until the Second World War. Therefore, it’s a relatively young neighborhood which offers a break from the urban life.

South Vancouver: This neighborhood is one of the most diverse of the region, its population is made by nearly 60% immigrants. Here, you can find the famous China Town with its well-known Punjabi Market, the center of Vancouver Indio-Canadian community. Around the market you can find fresh Indian condiments and different kind of Asian buffets (e.g. typical Indian or vegetarian). Without any doubts, with its streets filled with spices, Punjabi Market it’s the Indian air freshener of Vancouver.

Inside of South Vancouver you can find a Community Centre with various facilities for individual or community entertainment and learning. Recently, the region has provided with money to invest and modernize the Sunset Park with playgrounds and basketball facilities.

As you can see, this zone of Vancouver has been recently subjected to positive changes, people with strong sense of belonging has settled and transformed gloomy buildings and streets into vintage styled shop, boutiques and affordable restaurants. East Vancouver is emerging along with its community!