Where to Shoot your Pellet Gun in Vancouver

You can’t deny that pellet guns and other air rifles looks exactly like a real gun. With that, most countries and cities created regulations in using them. In some cities, you may even need to get a license to carry them and when you get caught, some level of punishment will be given to you.

If you are in Vancouver for instance, do you know the rules of carrying and shooting a pellet gun? Or do you have any idea if you’ll end up in jail after carrying or shooting your pellet gun. There are so many questions with regards to the legality of pellet guns in Vancouver. Too many people are still confused whether they can do hunting or they are allowed to do target shooting.  In order to help you further, let’s check out, where exactly you are allowed to shoot your pellet gun in the city.

Pellet Gun Shooting

It is true, a pellet gun is not a firearm, and so it doesn’t really have or is covered with the same legal laws that come with carrying live and real firearms. Yet, there might also be some other implementing rules and regulation that the city create for replicas like pellet guns, air rifles and air soft guns. Pellet guns are often used for hunting and target shooting. Those who wanted to have that feels of shooting, replicas are the answer. That’s probably the reason why too many people are yearning to buy their own pellet gun.

Just like the real gun, you’ve got to be a responsible owner. When it comes to pellet gun shooting, several safety precautions need to be observed. These types of guns may not be real, but they still can hurt either to humans or the animals around. That’s why you have to make sure to put them on safety mode at all times when you aren’t using it. You also have to learn all the pellet gun handling safety etiquettes to make sure that you can’t hurt anyone around. Never ever point your gun, especially if you don’t have any intention of shooting.

Where to Shoot?

When you are in Vancouver and you really want to do some target shooting with pellet guns, then make sure to find some range that offer such service. You can find some shooting ranges around the city. Just make sure to go with the ones that had the license to operate. For hunters, then there are too many hunting sites in the city. It is up to you to make your own research to find which is the most conducive for you. In the event that you have enough space and area at home, you can definitely build your own shooting range. You don’t really have to go anywhere to shoot. However, just make sure that you ask your local authorities if you still need to secure permits to do so. If you’re new to all of this, you can check the internet for suggestions or you can check Pelletgunguru.com for more information about pellet guns.

Making sure you choose the best caterer for your wedding

Too many people these days sweat too much on how to make their wedding look grand and Pinterest-y. Some couple are even willing to spend a huge amount of money on a wedding. Don’t be one of them? You know why? Most people, including you if ever you were in the shoes of a wedding guest will not remember the experience with the decorations. What will be remembered and talked about more is the food, how well you fed them throughout the entire ceremony. Nothing ruins a great wedding more than bad and insufficient food.

This is why we have constantly emphasized the need to have a good and reliable caterer. Looking for the right people to prepare your entire wedding menu is actually more difficult than it looks. There are some popular caterers within the area, but will simply not meet the kind of service you require from them. When it comes to finding the best wedding caterer in your area, food quality and service should harmoniously meet in between. So, how do you start?

  • Friends’ recommendations

Chances are you already have a couple of friends or relatives who have gotten married in the couple of months, and they can be your first option for wedding caterer recommendations. This also saves you a lot of time checking out what kind of food and service they offer. As a matter of fact, you may have even tried their own food, already. So, if you happen to like the same caterer, make sure to get ready with all your requirements—from the menu, budget, and theme.

  • Check with your favorite restaurant

Add a more personal flare to your food preparations on your wedding day, by asking one of your favorite restaurants as dating couple if they will be able to do catering for you. This will make it more memorable not just to you as a couple, but for your guests, as well, knowing full well that your food and catering choice also represent you as a couple. Moreover, you are also likely to be assured of the quality of food that they will be serving. As long as the restaurant have enough number of staff to handle a wedding function, then you are good to go.

  • Venue-accredited caterers

If your wedding will be held in a large convention area, a hotel, or a clubhouse in your neighborhood, then your search for a wedding caterer might just be hastened. Oftentimes, these types of venue already have their own attached or accredited caterer, which is also often include in the entire wedding package. However, this kind of set-up puts you at risk to mediocre food quality that most likely does not provide a personal and unique experience for you and your guests. To prevent this from happening, you may explore two options: ask to personalize the menu, or explore a possibility of hiring an outsider caterer, like a wedding catering in Denver.

Once you have explored all possible sources for caterers, make a list of all your top choices to know which of them will be suit your needs and budget. Don’t immediately jump on one wedding caterer option, because you might miss out on better food and services by deciding hastily.

Things to do in the Rain

Vancouver is an extraordinary city.  Canada’s third largest city is home to more than 2 million people and it has lots to brag about.  Nestled on the Pacific Ocean it boasts beautiful beaches, vibrant night life, it’s culturally diverse and it’s just a little over an hour away from some of the best skiing in the world.  Vancouver also has one of the mildest climates in Canada so enjoying the outdoors year round is usually not a problem.


What Vancouver does get a fair amount of is rain.  It rains A LOT.  Fear not though, there are still plenty of things to do in the rain.  Here are some Vancouver sites to check out rain or shine.

The Vancouver Art Gallery

The gallery houses a permanent collection of more than 10,000 pieces of art with more 300 pieces on view at any given time.  During the year it plays host to many different collections and exhibits, it also serves as home to the largest collection of works by Emily Carr.  When Emily Carr passed away in 1945 a portion of work was bequeathed to the province.  In 1966 the works were transferred to the Art Gallery, the collection now has 146 paintings, 45 ceramic works, 51 drawings and it also includes personal items and untitled sketches.  There are tours available or you can browse the gallery at your leisure.  Take a rainy afternoon and wander the gallery taking in some culture.

The Vancouver Aquarium

The aquarium should top your list of things to do on a rainy day.  The Vancouver Aquarium provides a home to more than 50,000 animals from all over the globe and is a recognized leader in connecting its visitors to the marine world.  It’s a non profit and self supporting organization dedicated to conservation, it sponsors studies and research into marine life and its preservation.  Located in the beautiful Stanley Park it’s open to visitors 365 days a year.  Spend an afternoon learning about marine life and how important they are to our world.  Here is a video showing some of the amazing highlights of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Science World

Located near downtown Vancouver, Science World is a destination your kids will love.  It has the Omnimax Theater that shows different nature and science films all throughout the day.  Science World, uses exhibits and lectures to make science cool.  Right now they have an exhibition showing all the interesting gadgets used in the world of spies.  You can track down enemy spies using all kinds of high tech tools.  Your kids will have a blast!

Even on dreary, rainy day there is a ton of things to do in Vancouver.  Grab the kids and head over to one of the many educational facilities scattered throughout Vancouver.  Rainy days don’t mean you have to stay home.

Touring Gastown

Touring Gastown

One of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods and the original downtown core, Gastown is one the coolest most eclectic places to visit in all Vancouver.  You can walk down Water St, or sneak down the little side streets, but for today here are some of the interesting things to see and do on Abbott Street.  Next trip make sure you do a complete tour of Gastown, you’ll love it there.

Start your trip down Abbott Street with lunch at Jules Bistro, a French bistro,  grab a table on the patio and people watch.  The head chef hails from Dijon, France and Jules offers classic French cuisine.  Next head over to The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda to grab a drink as you continue your stroll.  Lots of in-house teas and sodas, the Indigenous owned business takes it’s inspiration from their Squamish Heritage and using locally sourced ingredients to craft their wares.

Now for Some Shopping

Gastown has some incredible shopping, from boutique streetwear over at Livestock and beautiful one of a kind designer wear over at Nouvelle-Nouvelle.  Now onto the really cool stores, first, pop into the Italian Hat Shop Cappelleria Bertacchi.  Try on a Fedora imported from Tuscany and if that’s not to your liking grab a Panama Hat or a French Beret.  For some shoes to match your new hat try Nika Design, built from an old elevator shaft they have beautiful shoes, bags and leather jackets imported from Europe.

Touring Gastown

For something a bit more casual grab a new shirt over at Tees.ca.  Cross between a t-shirt shop and art gallery, find a print you like then buy it and wear it.  Tees.ca works with new artists both here and abroad to put their art work on t-shirts in limited editions.  You can’t tour Abbott Street without seeing Montauk Sofa, this place  is more than just sofas it has beautiful tables and chairs.  They have a cutely named “Misfits” section where you can find a deal or two.

The Nightlife

You have a wide variety of entertainment, if you want a quiet drink The Metropole Pub is an old English style pub with exposed brick, stained glass and plenty of character.  You can feel good about patronizing this place as the Pub donates 25% of its profits to charitable donations throughout the Downtown East Side.  If live music is more your thing, then the Revel Room is the place to be.  6 nights a week there Rockabilly Swing and screaming pianos, you can grab a late dinner here they keep the kitchen open late.

The Clough Club is dark and dreamy place to grab a sophisticated cocktail.  The brilliant bartenders will mix you a fine drink, leaving you no doubt it contains alcohol.  Housed in a historic 110 building and on weekends stop in and grab a lazy brunch.

Vancouver has a lot of things to brag about, it’s a great city to visit or live in, but Gastown is by far one of the coolest parts of the city.  Next time you’re in town spend some time touring Gastown.  If you’re a local rediscover Gastown.